With 88 very clearly crashing down on the RB and more inside

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There this one lady who used to come into the store I worked at at the time. She was/probably still is a special kind of stupid. She went to school with my mom, and still carded her for alcohol (it wasn a place where carding was necessary for everyone; this was like 12 years ago, so the practice wasn as commonplace)..

Scott’s third trial was held in May 1989. At that trial, the eye witness who had identified Scott and said he stood eye to eye with the killer was shown that the killer was standing on a platform about 9 inches higher than where the witness was standing. The witness realized that Scott could not have been the killer because he and Scott were the same height if Scott had been on the platform, they would not have been standing eye to eye.

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Fatigue is a bigger killer than fires. But until we have a better way of enabling volunteer firies to be freed up from work to attend, it often the same people doing multiple days a week like this. Paid firies are also doing the hard yards but have a more established relief system used daily due to 24 hr shifts.