While that is very likely the case

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nfl won suspend chiefs tyreek hill in case involving son

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Twice in modern history (’93 ’96) Clean Old Fashioned Hate has featured a 4 6 Georgia vs a 5 5 Georgia Tech. The worst all time record was the 1932 edition, which featured a 4 5 1 Georgia Tech and a 2 5 2 Georgia. The game ended in a 0 0 tie. How long have you gone without putting jewelry in the piercing? Is it possible that the holes have closed and that you only seeing the scar now? You may be able to just get your ears repierced. A surgery sounds like overkill unless you had stretched them (in most cases). At any rate, a trip to a reputable piercer will be the best way to determine if you can fix the piercing.I in a similar situation as you.