There’s enough to fret about when you’re expecting and during

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canada goose uk shop Who wouldn’t enjoy tying a wedding ring to the end of a string, uk canada goose outlet letting cheap canada goose it hang over your pregnant belly, and waiting to see if it dangles in a circle or a straight line to predict whether the baby is a boy or girl? But other old wives’ tales are scarier and better off divorced, like the one that says if canada goose jacket uk sale you stretch your hands above your head, the umbilical cord will strangle your baby (completely false). There’s enough to fret about when you’re expecting and during an infant’s first year without worrying about the impossible, which is why we’re taking a modern look at some of the most common old wives’ tales involving pregnancy and babies.Carrying High Down the DrainIf you’re carrying high, it’s a girl. Oh, sure, this is true. canada goose uk shop

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