That we allow individuals to basically use social media to

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The “no bad targets, just bad tactics” idea that the right often attributes to the left isn true because this is a very bad tactic and I don think it deniable that it used. That we allow individuals to basically use social media to attack others (Emma Sulkowicz [sp] is a good example, aka, mattress girl) should be something we legislate moving forward. Again, it like canada goose outlet reviews crying wolf or crying fire in a theatre..

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canada goose uk outlet I have worked in all types of schools 95% free and reduced (aka Title 1 schools) and more affluent schools. A lot of the time the parents are doing what they can, but can afford to send in a snack plus feed them dinner. And kids get hungry. The road is probably one of the worst maintained Reddit subs that has a large community. That’s not an insult towards the mods in anyway, but I feel like canada goose cheap uk the desire to have a “safe, friendly atmosphere” overshadows why people come to this sub, which is to learn and discuss new findings. It’s perfectly acceptable and possible to continue having that safe and friendly atmosphere, but what has created toxic environments is the loophole people have found to make threads for whatever reason outside of actually providing decent information or discussion. canada goose uk outlet

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