Sure they could nerf the range of the explosion but they

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Totally relate. Been a daily drinker for about 6 years. Dad never wanted to get to know me till I was about 20. That game was ff15. I had one game I’ll never forget that I won, because thankfully my team had two s8 plats and the enemy team had two s8 silver 5s. I got midlane and my teammate asked for mid, didn’t get, locked in Lux top, gave up at lvl 2 and came mid with me the entire game while I??? pinged him.

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They are not invading Iona lol.They in Iona cause a group of rebels led by 3 templars were actually searching for the scythe to destroy it canada goose ladies uk since the templars knew what it was all about.Nakuri was involved directly cause he was his direct rival on the main lore aswell, he beat him on time (or killed him, i dont remember) to get the scythe, same happened over odyssey lore.Zed wouldnt fit cause Iona is an un populated world, not an existing empire or population.Jarvan was chosen to lead Demaxia cause of idk what reason tbh, probably cause of his strict rules. For 1050g you get seekers which gives you 30 flat armor and a stack able passive that lets you gain another 15 useful site armor if i not mistaken thats 45 canada goose expedition parka black friday armor plus the 20AP you get from 1 item is insane.Also stopwatch exists you can either get it free or pay 600g there are also canada goose outlet uk review armor stats you can pick up, if you that worried you can dodge his q you can even go resolve secondary. I believe Asol Q recast time was buffed a patch or 2 ago to help him against champions like Zed.