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Inside the mind of an undecided voter

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

canada goose clearance When I am in the operating room, I am a very good decision maker. I make the right decision, and I make it cheap canada goose quickly. Place a burr hole here instead of there. Extend the fusion to T1 instead of C7, or use a fenestrated clip instead of a straight one. I am good at those decisions. Ask me to pick out a tie in the morning, and I am seemingly paralyzed until my sleepy wife comes over and yanks one out and hands it to me. It canada goose black friday discount is always the perfect tie canada goose gilet mens uk and no surprise; she thinks I am a terrible decision maker. She thinks I can be wishy washy. canada goose clearance

When it comes to decision making, I am apparently not alone. And, thanks to Sam Wang, a neuroscientist from Princeton, (read study) I may have a pretty good defense. There is no question there are still a lot of people who are undecided when it comes to picking a president, and Sam has a pretty good idea canada goose 3xl uk why. He, along with his colleagues think peering into the brain may offer a few clues.

Generally speaking, decision making can be broken down into two distinctive pieces. The first part is when you gather evidence, and then second part is when you commit. That can be like a canada goose parka uk sale switch going off. In the brain of an undecided voter, it may be that “evidence gathering” part that is simply taking longer. It’s not that these undecided are indifferent, according to Wang, but they are more willing to take their time, essentially trading off speed for accuracy. At some point though, they typically hit a tipping point and the decision is activated.

cheap canada goose uk Other undecided voters may have an even more interesting process happening. They have already made up canada goose gilet uk sale their minds, but they haven’t committed yet. They will tell you they are undecided, even though their brain has gathered the necessary evidence and a decision has been activated. Often times, people around them already know Canada Goose Coats On Sale the individual’s decision, before the individual does. When my wife picks out that tie for me, she may already know canada goose outlet belgium that tie is my preference, even though I haven’t decided yet. There is a third group as well. This is a group that thinks they have decided, but when it comes to actually voting, they switch their minds at the last second. They thought they were committed emotionally, but the brain had gathered evidence and pointed them in a different direction. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose clearance sale Wang thinks you can tease out the true intentions of an undecided voter by asking more open ended questions in polls. So, instead of asking, “Whom would you vote for if the election were held today, Sen. Obama or Sen. McCain?” Instead, you ask, “Who do you think understands your problems better?” or “Are you more concerned about Canada Goose Outlet the economy or terrorism?” or even “Which candidate has the better temperament?” canada goose clearance sale

None of these open ended questions would help me pick out a tie, but they might help you decide on electing a president. Are you still undecided? If so, why do you think you are still uncommitted?

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Canada Goose sale Nice article but I think you give these too much credit. There are basically two types of undecideds: Canada Goose sale

1. Those that have been living in a cave for the past 2yrs (must have been reached by one of the 1239151 pollsters that are seemingly going around)

uk canada goose 2. Those that have already decided but want to say they haven because they just love all the attention they getting from the pollsters and CNN (hey! can I have one of those fancy dial remote things that you used during the debates?) uk canada goose

For those in category 1, the answer is for them to move into deeper and more remote caves so that they cannot be contacted by pollsters.

canada goose uk outlet For those in category 2, they need to get a life. really. canada goose uk outlet

October 30, 2008 at 16:15

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I suppose someone can take more time to think thru the issues before deciding on a candidate but with the stark cheap canada goose jackets china differences between McCain and Obama I struggle with how someone could still not have decided by this point in time.

Do they lack principle? Maybe. A person who could still vote for either candidate after knowing what he/she knows today is someone who needs moral grounding. Both candidates are moral opposites and if that doesn matter, then that is proof in itself the undecided needs moral grounding.

You can spend your whole life thinking about, ifs and never get anything done. You must spend some time in this area for important decisions but, at some point, core values should take over and eliminate the confliction.

Education is good and we never stop being educated. However, degrees from prestigious institutions do not a man/leader make necessarily. Sometimes, life just happens and one just doesn take that road or is unable to take that road due to lack of priviledge. Sometimes education even affects judgement because it can create a false canada goose uk office sense a confidence. Some of the greatest leaders of the country and large corporations had very little education.

canada goose coats Tuesday will bring relief to all this tension. Some will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. canada goose coats

October 30, 2008 at 16:27

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Cathy, your views are so confined by your political blinders it not worth discussing with people like you. Nicely made argument though, from your completely biased perspective. But what does it have to do with the article?

My point is this. I am an undecided voter. but not because of any of those reasons. The reason I am undecided is that the propaganda in elections is so thick, you can not trust anything you have heard. and if you can, what you can trust is that you didn hear the whole truth.

buy canada goose jacket This creates a situation where a person can feel like they can make an informed decision, and therefore precludes conclusion to the gathering phase. buy canada goose jacket

As with all media today, they see fit to bombard us with so much misinformation and half truths, that propaganda is what wins elections, not facts. Instead of hiding information from us, they bombard us with so much of it that you can do anything but vote without knowing. or vote for your favorite which I refuse to do.