Since last 2 to 3 years, IT and Pharma sectors are facing the

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cheap Canada Goose It is not a revival phase of IT sector. Tata Digital India Fund G has become attractive due to the lower NAV. Since last 2 to 3 years, IT and Pharma sectors are facing the market downturn. Once that happened, the right and left in Venezuela kept escalating with each other.So far the coup (and that what it is) has failed because the people rightfully don trust the anti Maduro politicians to fix the economy or restore democracy because historically the US backed coups in South America loot the country and murder all the liberal democrats.What Venezuela needs is to restore their previously free and fair election system that Maduro trashed and then democratically work out a strategy to get their economy back on track and diversified away from oil where possible. The only thing the US establishment wants is to privatize their oil sector. And tried to get then to back a coup back in 2002, which failed.This is a big part of why the opposition to Maduro, who never had Chavez popularity, has so far failed. cheap Canada Goose

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