If people truly understood what no deal meant

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canada goose uk shop No Deal is LEAST preferred outcome despite what ERG say canada goose uk shop

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Canada Goose Outlet By contrast most of the leavers told us canada goose shop austria how everything would be wonderful if we left. Sunlit uplands, quick trade deals, we hold all the cards etc etc. They also sold us every kind of buy canada goose uk Brexit that we might want to hear, to help them max up their vote. The problem is that many of the options they were championing were either incompatible or even impossible to deliver. Canada Goose Outlet

But I can see how that wouldn be enough to stop them, given their determination to win at any cost, using dodgy donations from dodgy individuals and a blatant lie on the side of that bus.

canada goose coats IMHO, Cameron “renegotiation” was a huge misplay. It was obvious there wouldn be much change, but he admitted serious issues with the EU and promised to fix them. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Online What we really have is a severe failure in communication and education. A horribly biased press, ineffective canada goose clearance government figures, a lack of respect for expert opinion, etc. have resulted in people thinking that no deal is actually a serious option. If people truly understood what no deal meant, they (nearly all) wouldn want it. If and only if we properly communicate the risk/reward of each option to them, the populace should be able to choose to leave with no deal but of course they wouldn because they would understand that it be a disaster. Canada Goose Online

Because we are failing to communicate effectively politicians are being forced to limit the available choices. This is awful and undemocratic.

canada goose store In a perfect world no deal would be on the table, we all have a perfect understanding of what it means, and only about 0.1% of people would be willing to pay the price for it. canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose The correlation is there, but to pretend it means that the average Leave voter who wants No Deal only does so because “they got theirs, fuck you” is setting yourself up to be disappointed by reality. As the Huffpost article she quoting from says, cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance Indeed, no deal was the preferred outcome of Leave voters from every socioeconomic group, every level of education and employment status, from all regions and across supporters of all main political parties. The only significant group of Leavers canada goose outlet black friday sale who did not prefer no deal were those aged under 30 canada goose clearance.