I don need to convince you that leaving the EU is a good idea

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canada goose uk black friday But if this is the extent of political discourse we can have on the question that more people voted leave rather than actually discussing the issue at hand, then it seems evidence enough that we shouldn’t bother with another plebiscite at all, which is of course my entire point in this comment chain.atalikamiPeter Hitchens 4.50 0.92 0 points submitted 12 days agoI not trying to put across a point, the time for that was 2016, before we held the referendum. I don need to convince you that leaving the EU is a good idea because we have already decided that as a country.The problem is that so many people who voted remain refuse to accept it. You see it everywhere, they keep bringing up arguments that we have already had, as if something had changed, and therefore that means we should vote again, or just reverse the decision. canada goose uk black friday

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