At other times, they are triggered by something that reminds

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canadian goose jacket Sometimes symptoms appear seemingly out of the blue. At other times, they are triggered by something that reminds you of the original traumatic event, such as a noise, an image, certain words, or a smell.While everyone experiences PTSD differently, there are four main types of symptoms.Have you witnessed or experienced a traumatic, life threatening event?Did this experience make you feel intensely afraid, horrified, or helpless?Do you have trouble getting the event out of your mind?Do you startle more easily and feel more irritable or angry than you did before the event?Do you go out of your way to avoid activities, people, or thoughts that remind you of the event?Do you have more trouble falling asleep or concentrating than you did before the event?Have your symptoms lasted for more than a month?Is your distress making it hard for you to work or function normally?PTSD risk factorsWhile it impossible to predict who will develop PTSD in response to trauma, there are certain risk factors that increase your vulnerability. Many risk factors revolve around the nature of the traumatic event itself. canadian goose jacket

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